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 We are specialized in developing and producing the below product:COB LED source,COB LED module,COB light source,Smd led chip,RGB epistar led chip
 source,COB integrated led lights,  imitation of Citizen COB, high brightness LED,other Epistar high-power integrated light and high brightness LED sources
 and so on......on the other hand, We can also provide mature technology applications and services.  COB LED flat light source and  high-power integrated
 light sources are mainly used for below merchandise:LED ceiling light,LED down lamp,LED tube, LED dest light,LED bulb, led spot light, led flood light,LED
 high bay light, LED controllers, dimmers & amp, DMX, and various general lighting applications. he productivity of  SMD LED reaches or exceeds 30KK per
 month.  he products are widely used for LED decorative  lighting, LED LCD TV, large screen display,  auto lights,  BACKLIGHTS and various kinds of high-
 power lighting.      ALL of our raw materials are imported from worldwide well-known foreign companies.no  doubt all of them have  passed ISO9001 quality
 assurance system ISO1400, RoHS environmental systems and so on. all of these contribute to our good product quality.

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